Editorial Team

Carrie Kaplan


Carrie has the final say and final review of all news stories being published at Launch A Biz. In addition to guiding the team, the direction, and the growth of the news floor, Carrie Kaplan also possesses deep contacts in the world of business and the financial sectors biggest breaking stories. Years of experience on Wall Street guide Carrie’s unique talent for fantastic journalism.


Sam Mendez

Writer / Reporter

Sam is is Wizkee’s chief wordsmith. The one who reminds us to “get to the point” and “focus on facts”, Sam skillfully crafts today’s biggest stories and most newsworthy events into digestible articles that provide the reader exactly what they need to know.


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Rose Ocampo

Content Manager / Journalist

Rose brings her years of experience working in over 10 national news markets from coast to coast as an expert in spearheading all things digital. Ensuring stories are posted asap and that all digital content and news articles remain accurate and relevant, Rose is the website master and ensures all our stories are delivered quickly to the people and our readers.


Guest Contributors

Launch A Biz welcomes a range of guest contributors, freelance journalists and talented writers to our website. All guest contributors names will be listed in any article they have authored. For additional information, contact details, or to become a guest contributor, please contact info@launchabiz.com