Marijuana Businesses Going Up in Smoke?

marijuana business

Could 2018 spell the end of mass marijuana adoption?

The marijuana industry has been exploding in recent years due to decriminalization. Plus, overall acceptance by the mainstream population has helped to boost financials of all involved. States such as Colorado have experienced serious windfalls due to taxation and legalization.

However, the Trump administration and specifically attorney general Jeff Sessions may have other plans. What used to be the administrations favorite line (let the states decide), is now not. At least as far as marijuana is concerned.

Recent policy changes has added enormous uncertainty to the industry as a whole as stocks took a dive last week.

Should this be considered doom and gloom? Probably not. A hiccup along the way? Most certainly. But the trends are clear and they all lead to the fact that marijuana is simply becoming more mainstream. Not to mention profitable.

Given the emphasis on Donald Trumps border wall and anti drug trafficking focus, the new policy is not surprising. What is however, is that the legalization of the drug is overwhelmingly supported across the country, Yet the administration continues to ignore the public as they say, this just isn’t a big deal anymore.

Many people assumed that the president, who loves to be loved, would take a softer stance on marijuana. However, his true feelings on the subject matter is still yet to be seen. As has become evident, policy is a here today, gone next tweet kind of environment for the unconventional leader.

With billions of dollars on the line however, don’t expect state lawmakers to sit idly by. From Washington State to Colorado, the pushback is already in full force.

So despite the setback in stocks, 2018 may just be getting started and this may turn out to be the buying opportunity of the year.


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